HYDATA's core products are TUEASY (Data Visualization Design Platform) and IMC (Intelligent Management Cockpit). Based on industries, these two products can help enterprises to deploy fast Big Data analysis and decision-making, they can also bring you a new Big Data operating thinking.


All enterprise data will be completely integrated, safely managed and scientifically operated by IMC.


TUEASY will pay more attention to build the Big Data model in enterprises, while finding out the business potential of the models.


During the Big Data era, the traditional data models are facing challenges therefore HYDATA focuses on combining Big Data and aviation industry to do Intelligent Aviation Management.


Big Data is not a new word in the military field. But it has never been so important as today. Big Data will become a core factor of the victory in the rivalry.


There is no doubt that the core of security is the data safety. HYDATA will help clients build a new engine in the field of information and public security.


Making an in-depth analysis of each dimension of financial data to help our customers find the growth space of their business value.


The management of Big Data becomes more important in the professional field. A tiny difference in data will cause different butterfly effects.


If Big Data is not used in the management of government business today, then cases like Alibaba utilizing the edge zone of government regulation will continue to occur.


The key point for solving doctor-patient conflicts is to make all information transparent.

Customized Solutions

All industries and organizations can trust our abilities of Big Data Analysis and Visualization.

We keep researching and testing in order to well serve all industries. As we are the industry leader, Big Data Services Operator, it's our duty to make the development and progress.

Research Report

We regularly sort out industry reports of different industries, please contact us if you need.

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We regularly sort out industry reports of different industries, please contact us if you need.